Privacy Notice

Ztrack Resale Consignment

Thank you for your interest in Ztrack Resale. Ztrack Resale’s goal is to become a viable alternative to online auctions, while providing a clear and safe alternative for buyers and sellers alike. All items sold on Resale are validated and guaranteed by Ztrack. Selling on Resale is extremely easy. No collection is too large, nor too small. Our only request is that all items are Z scale. The following are our terms:

• Collections will be sent to the Ztrack offices. We encourage sending items insured for protection.

• Upon arrival of the collection, Ztrack will inventory, and evaluate all items.

• The evaluation will be send to the collection owner for verification and sign off.

• There are two options for pricing:

- Option 1, the collection owner sets prices.

- Option 2, Ztrack will research and set prices based on our market expertise.

• Once pricing is agreed upon, Ztrack will photograph items and prepare for marketing the collection.

• Price changes. If it is so deemed that pricing needs to be adjusted, there are two options:

- Option 1, collection owners will sign off on any price changes and offers from buyers.

- Option 2, Ztrack will act a full agent and make decisions on pricing and final purchase prices.

• Ztrack will receive a fee of 23% for items sold. Note, an additional 2% will be charged with items are missing boxes which requires Ztrack Resale to supply protective packaging.

• Ztrack will be responsible for all shipping costs, credit card fees, web costs and other associated fees related to selling the collection.

• Ztrack will guarantee buyer satisfaction and will be responsible for returns and exchanges.

• Payment will be made to collection owners approximately one month after the sale. This allows time for checks and credit cards to clear, as well as buyer receiving items and addressing any concerns.

• At anytime, unsold items from the collection may be returned to the collection owner upon request of the owner. The collection owner will be responsible for shipping charges. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the program more, please feel free to contact us