• Full Throttle 33’ rib-side two-bay hopper set FT-2058

Full Throttle FT-2058  CBQ  190852, 190857  33’ rib-side two-bay hopper set  Two car set. Ztrack Center authorized dealer item.     The idea behind the use of light weight, corrosion resistant aluminum for freight cars, especially coalers, was based on strength to weight ratios; being able to carry a greater payload, thus cutting the initial cost faster, fuel savings, increased durability, improved aerodynamics, and the elimination of painting! A No-Brainer!    

The larger railroads experimented and developed aluminum hoppers in the 1930's but after WWII toward the 21st century, as the steel hopper fleets began to wear thin, newer alloys and construction prompted the rise of high-side aluminum gondolas which could be dumped by large revolving mechanisms, thus eliminating gravity-fed hopper doors. Because of it's excellent recyclability, saving 95% of both energy and emissions compared to metals made from ore, aluminum claims to be "climate neutral" which no other metal can say.    NIB

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Full Throttle 33’ rib-side two-bay hopper set FT-2058

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