• Full Throttle 34’ woodside updated reefer set FT-9022

Full Throttle FT-9022  FGEX  42304 & 42368  34’ woodside updated reefer set  Ztrack Center Authorized Item. Now controlled by CSX Corp., Fruit Growers Express (FGE) was an Armour Meats refrigerator car leasing Co., incorporated in 1920 and based in Alexandria, VA  and Jacksonville, FL. C&EI, NH, and N&W became major stockholders. Originally serving the Eastern USA, in 1923 FGE and GN railway formed the Western Fruit Express to compete with Pacific Fruit Express and Santa Fe in the West! FGE expanded into the Midwest and Pacific Northwest USA via a partnership with the CB&Q railroad forming Burlington Refrigerator Express (BREX). All these consolidations, acquisitions and purchases led to thousands of reefer cars on hand and a vital enterprise of freight car repair and servicing. In 1928 FGE formed the National Car Co., a subsidiary to support the meat transportation market. The Alexandria, VA maintenance facility was closed down in 1994.    NIB

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Full Throttle 34’ woodside updated reefer set FT-9022

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