• Full Throttle Rib-side two-bay hopper set FT-2047-2

Full Throttle FT-2047-2  Ford  2356, 2373  Rib-side two-bay hopper set   Ztrack Center authorized dealer item.. Two car set. Henry Ford's vision to create a plant which into one end went raw materials, and from the other end was sent forth completed automobiles, was realized with the monumental FORD RIVER ROUGE COMPLEX. Located on the Rouge River in Dearborn, Michigan, "The Rouge" was completed in 1928 and included 93 buildings, 16 million square feet of factory/assembly floor space, it's own docks, electric plant, ore processing facility, furnaces, foundries, steel making operations and no less than 100 miles of railroad track with which materials and products were carried from one station to the other. In the 1930's, over 100,000 workers were employed there. The Rogue became the largest self-sufficient integrated factory in the world! The hopper cars employed at The Rouge were painted yellow to signify their use only there, and could not be interchanged. The rest of the American FORD fleet was painted the more usual black. Here's a pair of the ROUGE COMPLEX hoppers with scrap loads crafted by Hay Bros.    NIB

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Full Throttle Rib-side two-bay hopper set FT-2047-2

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